Christian Community Chapel (CCC) was birthed in the hearts of a group of believers when the Lord spoke to them regarding the establishment of a New Testament Church. In September 1977, confirmation of this New Testament direction was brought about by the founder of Abbott Loop Christian Center (Anchorage, Alaska), Apostle Dick Benjamin. This was further confirmed by other Prophets. Thereafter, Christian Community Chapel officially started in June 1978.

During this initial period, CCC met in various hotel conference facilities for our worship meetings. It was during this period that God spoke to the late Prophet Doug Duncan that God would provide us with our own Church property.

In 1984, this promise was partially fulfilled when we leased a disused movie theatre along Telok Blangah Road for our Worship meetings.

In 1987, through a series of miraculous events, the Lord enabled us to purchase the leased property. Subsequently, the Church underwent a series of renovation projects, with the most recent one being in 2012. It stands as a testament to the faithfulness of God.

In obedience to the Scriptures to make disciples of all the nations, CCC has also been involved in missions in Indonesia; Thailand; Hong Kong; China; Riga, Latvia; Moscow, Russia and Papua New Guinea. Short-term Outreach Mission (STORM) teams have also ministered Philippines; Mexico; Malaysia and India.

Our motto as a Church is 'Sola Scriptura' - 'By Scripture alone we stand".